Social Dances

Social dances are generally large group dance nights that are put on by a dance school or studio. These events can be held at the school itself, or held at a local bar or club as a cross-promotional event. Sometimes these nights are also combined with recitals so that new and prospective students can find out more about the school and see some of the dances they could learn if they started taking lessons. These social dances are also a great way for current dance students to show off their skills without needing to perform at a formal

Most social dances require attendees to pay a fee to enter. The fee will sometimes cover a light snack or a drink ticket in addition to a night of dancing. These social dance nights are incredibly popular for people who are interested in classes but are not sure what type of dance they would enjoy. If you enjoy learning how to dance, but prefer a more flexible learning environment, then social dances might be a good option for you.

During social dances, one or many instructors are usually on hand to teach mini-lessons throughout the night. The instructors will often select some of their best students to help show the attendees the correct way to perform the dance. These outstanding pupils may also be called upon to demonstrate the polished version of the dance for people to emulate during the mini-lesson.

Social dances are also a chance for instructors to give one-on-one instruction to attendees by pulling them on the dance floor for a song or two. Students get the benefit of personalized instruction, without the stress of being watched by a group of people during formal lessons. There are many different types of social dances available depending on the school hosting the event and the types of dance they specialize in. Check with your local dance studios to see if there are any social dances being hosted in your area.