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Dancing for Health

Most people are now becoming pro-active in their health, and are doing as much as they can on their own accord, to keep themselves happy and healthy. Some do this by taking on leisurely activities that provide entertainment and excitement like participating in the fun at All British Casino which can also make them a

Different Styles and Types of Dance

Different Styles and Types of Dance There are all sorts of dances around the world, and there are probably as many dance types as there are cultures, tribes and music genres, so it would be impossible to list them all here, of course. However, it is possible to try to narrow down that quest and

Dance Classes for Kids

Getting children interested in the art of dance early on in their lives is a great way to foster a lifelong love of dance. There are many different types of dance that children enjoy. Some popular dance styles for children are ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance. You can enroll children as young as two

Wedding Dance Lessons

Dancing is an integral part of many wedding celebrations around the world. Some countries have specific dances that the bride, groom, families, and bridal parties participate in to mark the occasion. While these dances are extremely popular, not everyone is a dance expert. That is why many dance studios offer lessons for people specifically wanting

Dancing the Night Away

Since time immemorial, human beings have danced. When still in their infancy as a species, they danced around camp fires to the beat of crude drums. As time passed, musical instruments were fashioned and the humble beginnings of stringed and wind instruments began to take shape. In the medieval ages, music and dancing were among

Science, Research and Findings on Dancing

What Science and Research Have to Say about Dancing Dancing Enhances Neuroplasticity Some who conducted studies in this field, such as neurologists, neuroscientists and other health care professionals, all agree that dancing could lower the risk of neurological disorders, such as dementia. Dancing seems to improve and increase cognitive reserves and the complexion of neuronal

History of Dance

History of Dance Dancing has always been a part of the human condition, since early times, when archaic humans roamed the Earth. In the beginning, dancing is believed to have been a part of a mating ritual. As things evolved and societies and civilizations became more complex, dancing became a part of other sorts of

Social Dances

Social dances are generally large group dance nights that are put on by a dance school or studio. These events can be held at the school itself, or held at a local bar or club as a cross-promotional event. Sometimes these nights are also combined with recitals so that new and prospective students can find